Today’s situation has three main characteristics

In the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinians live under military occupation. Their land is stolen to create settlements and the Apartheid wall. Hundreds of military checkpoints block their movement. The occupation violates their human rights.

We believe Palestinians have the right not to live under occupation.

Inside Israel, Palestinians are discriminated against through 30 laws that deny them access to land, resources, and equal rights. We believe that Palestinians
deserve equal rights in a democratic state.

Palestinians who were forced out of their homes in 1948 are forced to remain refugees and not allowed to return because of their ethnic/religious identity. We believe that Palestinian refugee rights should be respected and promoted.

What is UC Berkeley’s role?

The University of California invests student tuition and other income into various stocks and funds. Several of those companies are currently profiting from and enabling Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights. Some of these companies are Caterpillar, which provides bulldozers that are used to destroy Palestinian homes and farms, CRH, which provides building material for illegal settlements, and HP, which provides monitoring equipment to regulate Palestinian movement through the checkpoint system in the West Bank.

What can we do?

We believe that our university should not be invested in corporations that contribute to violations of human rights and international law. We can pressure the University of California to stop investing in these corporations. This will send a message to these companies that their behavior is wrong and needs to change. This is a form of non-violent pressure that has worked in the past, most notably to pressure the South African government to give up a very similar program of racial discrimination and segregation.

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Source: SJP UCLA