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Who is SEAL?

We call on our school to prioritize education by providing opportunities for hands-on engaged learning, and to fulfill its mission as a Public University by expanding opportunities for community-driven research serving community needs. We not only ask for this innovative vision, we are actively engaged in creating this reality.

As our first campaign, we are calling on the University of California, Berkeley to consider an alternative plan at the Gill Tract Farm in Albany that better services student and community needs.

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A Food Initiative on the Gill Tract Farm

For close to 20 years, faculty, students, and local community have protested the commercial development of the historic Gill Tract Farm. These concerned stakeholders have crafted several alternative proposals, advocating for its preservation as an educational resource. In 2012, after neighbors and students occupied the land in protest of its commercial development, a 1.5 acre section called “Area A” was saved and became a pilot project for a new community-UC collaboration. That project is flourishing, and we hope to see it grow to all 20 acres rather than the commercial development.

Meanwhile, the commercial development that would pave over the south side of the Gill Tract is slated to begin next year. This development design is out of touch with community and student needs and will be damaging to the public health of the local community, including student families.

The 20 acres are uniquely suited to be developed as a model food system that integrates farming, economics, culture, and public health. This dynamic model could help make the UC system a global leader on issues of food and farming, while improving student education through engaged and active learning.

Student and community voices now join together!

We urge UC Berkeley administration, the UC Regents, and President Napolitano to halt the current development plan for the Gill Tract Farm and enter into a collaborative design process with students and community for the entire Gill Tract Farm.

Co-Sponsors for Petition: Fossil Free Cal, Student Organic Garden Association, Grow the Revolution, Berkeley Student Food Cooperative, UAW 2865, Movement Generation, Planting Justice, Phat Beets Produce, Gill Tract Farm Coalition, Occupy the Farm, Food First, Albany Farm Alliance, Grassroots International, Hormigas Organicas, Rooted in Community, Sustainable Economies Law Center, Biosafety Alliance

Come to our first meeting of the Fall 2014 semester to get involved and hang out with rad folks! We’ll be on the steps of Dwinelle at:

6pm on Thursday, September 4th.

There will be pizza!